AMD ATI ATIFlash- tool for flashing BIOS

ATIFlash or AMDVBFlash – software for flashing BIOS on AMD GPUs. Require Windows 7 or newer. You can save BIOS, do changes with Polaris Bios Editor or SRBPolaris, then flash modifyed BIOS back.

ATIFlash or AMDVBFlash


Download ATIFlash 2.93 (lastest)

2.93 – Adds support for flashing Navi Radeon RX 5700 Series BIOS

How to use ATIFlash:

In the list, select the desired video card, then load the firmware file via the Load Image button and wait – the program does everything by itself. After completing the procedure, the device will need to be rebooted, after which it will be ready for use.

Through the command line. The recommended firmware method for which you need to use commands is that you can limit yourself to three.
atiflash.exe -i displays a list of equipment, atiflash.exe -p with the name and card number selects a specific one, atiflash.exe -pa with the name of the file flashes all the cards.



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