AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher (atikmdag patcher) 1.4.14

Atikmdag patcher, or as it is also called Pixel Clock Patcher, cancels the system check of the graphic card driver’s signature after flashing the BIOS, treats Error 43 and removes restrictions from the AMD / ATI driver for high resolutions and refresh rates, removes the limit of the pixel frequency of 165 MHz for 1 -channel DVI and HDMI, the limit is 330 MHz for 2-channel DVI and 400 MHz for VGA.

  • Download atikmdag patcher-1.4.14 lastest version


Launch atikmdag-patcher.exe.
The program will check all restrictions, click “Yes” to fix

atikmdag patcher

– Reboot

Then you can select higher refresh rates using programs for overclocking video cards like:

To restore the driver to its original state, run the patcher again and click “Yes”, the patcher will restore all driver data from the backup.

If you have any problems or errors, uninstall the video card driver with the DDU Display Driver Unistaller utility, then reinstall the driver and use the patch

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  1. alex

    I just want to say thank you for who ever made this patch, your truly the best. i really appreciate it thank you.