Cryptocurrency price widgets (tickers) for PC Windows Mac

Cryptocurrency price widgets and tickers are designed to monitor prices, volumes and other important indicators of cryptocurrencies in real time. Download really good software can be customized, for example, include notifications or monitoring your portfolio.
We will review the best cryptocurrency monitoring applications for Windows and Mac.

Mammon cryptocurrency widget

A widget with a nice, simple and at the same time informative interface. Here you can track the price of more than 700 cryptocurrencies and use the following functions:

  • Reminders and Notifications. Mammon will inform you when the price hits your target.
  • Customize the look of your workspace.
  • Portfolio tool

Download Mammon lastest:

Windows | Mac OS


Crypto Price Widget

Cryptocurrency price widgets (tickers) for PC Windows Mac

  • Regular price updates occur every 5 seconds
  • Cryptocurrency widget for any coins, any currencies
  • Customizable interface (after editing the settings, the program needs to be restarted).
  • Portfolio
  • PRO version with powerful features will coming soon

Download crypto price widget:

Windows | Mac OS


Coin Tick cryptocurrency widget for Mac

Coin Tick cryptocurrency widget for Mac

Coin Tick – a minimalistic, fast and functional widget for MacOS with more than 2000 coins. Optimal solution.

Download Coin Tick

Mac OS



Moonitor Cryptocurrency App Tracker compatible with MacOS, Windows and Linux

  • Moonitor lets you use the Binance and Bittrex API keys to import and automatically synchronize a cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • With the Follow function, which is similar to the ones on Twitter or Instagram, you can choose to track only the currencies you are interested in, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, ZCash, Ethereum and many others.
  • All parameters can be configured, and the purpose of this is to give you all possible control over tracking your portfolio.

Download Moonitor:

Windows | Mac OS | Linux


BitTab cryptocurrency widget

BitTab cryptocurrency(coin) ticker widget for Windows

BitTab is one of the most popular cryptocurrency widget for automatically tracking the rate of cryptocurrencies on the Windows desktop. After installation, the tracker is located above the taskbar and displays the prices of the cryptocurrencies you set. BitTab has more than 4000 coins collected, and prices are taken from more than 40 of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

In the application, you can also set alarms for changing prices for important coins, as well as use the built-in calculators and converters.

You can change the color scheme, layouts and much more in the program so that BitTab fits into your desktop.

Download Bitlab:


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