Session- private blockchain messenger from Loki Foundation

The company Loki Foundation on the eve of the whitewater project Session. This is a new messenger on the blockchain, which is intended for fans of maximum anonymity in personal correspondence. The application can now be downloaded by users of the Android and iOS operating systems, as well as desktop platforms. The developers claim that in Session data leakage is impossible, and even government structures will not be able to track messages in the messenger.

A bit of theory. Session is a fork of the Signal application. The latter is quite popular in narrow circles of crypto enthusiasts who put their privacy above everything else. The use of blockchain in Session supposedly will expand the potential of Signal.

An application for complete anonymity on the Internet

The development of the Loki Foundation is based on the Service Node blockchain, created by the company itself. A decentralized network is used to forward messages. Here is a quote from the official Session website.

You do not need a mobile phone number or email address to create an account in Session. It is enough to keep your nickname, which will be used in correspondence. Session does not collect your metadata, location information, IP addresses or any other data.

Session blockchain messenger

Application developers promise the following features:

  • secure correspondence;
  • registration without a phone number or email address;
  • end-to-end encryption for group chats;
  • encrypted data sending.


Session whitepapper

Session relies on the central nodes of a decentralized network. They have access only to each other’s IP addresses. In general, one network node “remembers” only the address of the previous and next nodes. When you forward a message, your IP address is revealed to the first node in the chain, but it does not reveal it to anyone.

The application supports all the basic functionality of the messenger: with it you can create group chats, send voice messages and files. The design of Session is very similar to the design of Telegram, so anyone can figure it out.

Session features

Our opinion

Will Telegram have a significant competitor? Unfortunately, most users do not pay due attention to their anonymity. As evidence, we can recall the millions of people who still use Viber, Votsapp and other platforms that have fallen into unpleasant stories regarding privacy. That is, most people do not need this. Or they simply do not suspect that someone else can read their messages. Therefore, we believe that Session’s popularity is unlikely to go beyond the narrow circle of crypto enthusiasts.

The developers of the messenger also reported that it will be resistant to attacks from Sibyl. To create a Session node, you need a certain amount of internal cryptocurrency, so an attack on the network will be economically disadvantageous for a potential hacker.

Recall that during the Sibyl attack, the hacker creates several of his nodes in the network to tilt the consensus algorithm to his side. With a successful attack, your information will fall into one of the attacker’s nodes, which will give him the opportunity to take control of the data. The Sibyl attack can be resisted if maintaining new nodes is not free.

We think the idea of such a messenger is great. Obviously, he is unlikely to lure users of popular platforms like Viber, but privacy lovers will surely pay attention to him. Over time, there will only be more of them. The main thing is to clearly explain the benefits of the messenger, the need for a blockchain and the registration procedure in the application. Then it will be possible to develop.

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