The best graphics cards for mining 2020, tables, profitability

Courses are falling and growing. The complexity is changing, new video cards appear on the shelves, are they suitable for mining? In this article, we will find out the best video cards for mining in 2020, in the test there will be cards of both the 2020 model year, and 2017 – 2019 years and even older if they are relevant.

The article with the top of the video cards was updated on 01/14/2020.

Video Cards for Mining

Which mining graphics cards to choose, many ask me. The counting process is very laborious and time consuming. In order to determine which video cards it is better to choose for mining this year, we took information from our personal cards, which are the majority in the test. Those cards that were not there, we searched for information from other sources, and for each card we compared information in several sources, so that everything would be correct and without fiction. Also, some information was taken from popular sites such as nicehash and whattomine.

We will show you the top graphics cards for mining 2020 in several tables, and below we will describe in more detail why, there will be information about the profitability, profitability, consumption and also the speed (hashrate) of the video cards during mining.

Cards for mining

The first tables of video cards for mining, in it there will be participants cards which are relevant for cryptocurrency mining for 2020, there are 21 of them in total. And so 2 tables, one for NVIDIA another for AMD.

We decided to disconnect them, because it would not be fair to test on the same algorithms. Since NVIDIA works well with some algorithms, AMD is completely different. We thought for a long time, compared everything, and made the optimal algorithms for each card, nvidia has a bit more algorithms, because of this, mining a nvidia geforce video card can be more attractive.

We decided to make the characteristics and parameters of video cards for mining, only by hashrate and consumption, the parameters of the video card in the form of frequencies and where cores, for example, in bandwidth, are not of interest to us, since this article is in order to find out the profitable video cards for mining. If you are interested in technical specifications, you can see them separately by clicking on the links, for many cards they are on our website. Below are more interesting tables, with the calculation of income and profits.

Graph. HMining Graphics PerformancePrice
2080 ti53mh / s38mh / s96h / s99mh / s9.5g / s10.1g / s4.3mh / s48.2h / s190w80k
208041mh / s31mh / s82h / s81mh / s8.0g / s8.4g / s3.6mh / s40.5h / s150w51.5k
207038mh / s24mh / s72h / s66mh / s7.4g / s6.9g / s2.9mh / s33h / s130w35k
2070 Sup40mh / s26mh / s79h / s7.9g / s7.3g / s3.1mh / s37h / s140w40k
206028mh / s21mh / s54h / s54mh / s5.2g / s4.5g / s2.1mh / s25h / s115w24.5k
2060 sup38mh / s23mh / s69h / s64mh / s7.1g / s6.2g / s2.5mh / s30h / s125w34k
1660 ti26mh / s16mh / s35h / s43mh / s4.3g / s4.3g / s1.8mh / s15.8h / s90w19.3k
166022mh / s15.7mh / s34h / s42mh / s3.7g / s3.7g / s1.9mh / s13h / s80w16k
165015mh / s9mh / s7.5h / s68w11.5k
1080 ti50mh / s29mh / s86h / s77mh / s6.3g / s7.4g / s3.0mh / s38h / s175w64.5k
108035mh / s23mh / s67h / s58mh / s4.8g / s5.4g / s2.4mh / s28.5h / s140w34k
1070 ti31mh / s18mh / s59h / s51mh / s4.5g / s4.9g / s2.1mh / s24.5h / s120w29k
107030mh / s17mh / s56h / s45mh / s4g / s4.7g / s1.8mh / s24h / s115w28.5k
1060 6g23mh / s9.4mh / s32h / s26mh / s3g / s3.3g / s1.1mh / s15.5h / s85w15.2k
1050 ti14mh / s6.5mh / s19h / s19mh / s1.8g / s8.5h / s65w10.2k

The following is a table of amd radeon graphics cards for mining.

Graph. Chip.Graphics Card Mining SpeedPrice
VII (Radeon 7)85 mh / s2800 h / s4.7 g / s90 mh / s5200 h / s2200 h / s225w59k
Vega 6440 mh / s1800 h / s60 mh / s3700 h / s1500 h / s240w33k
Vega 5636.5mh / s1720 h / s52 mh / s3600 h / s1380 h / s230w27k
RX 570 8g28 mh / s750 h / s2.0 g / s33.5 mh / s1300 h / s700 h / s110w11.3k
RX 580 8g31 mh / s830 h / s2.2 g / s39 mh / s1650 h / s960 h / s125w13.5k
Rx 59033 mh / s960 h / s41 mh / s1700 h / s1100 h / s140w17k

As we see in nvidia video cards, there are more algorithms for mining. We did not take RX 470, 480, because they are not on sale, and they are identical to 570, 580. There are also no 5700, 5700xt, they give so far weak results, since there is no software for the new architecture.

According to 580, 570 cards, they were flashed with changed memory timings (to increase the hash rate of the ether) – more on how to do it here . They were also 8 gigabytes, since the difference with 4 gb is about 700 rubles.

1060 were used on 6gb, since 3gb ether and many other currencies no longer mined. And the difference with three gigabytes of 200 – 500 rubles.

1080 and 1080 ti – to increase the ether mining, a tablet was used – OhGodAnETHlargementPill

Attention! The performance table of the video cards for mining contains the specified data, which may not always coincide with your data. There may be an error, as miners, drivers are updated, the best overclocking is selected. Table data with an error of + – 10%. They give you an idea of ​​which cards, for which it’s better to take, so that you have a good guide. With 100% table similarity does not happen.

Why? Reasons and explanation of the table:

The hash rate may vary , as various miners are updated as well. The same thing with drivers, individual overclocking cards. Also, from different manufacturers, the performance is different (Asus, palit, and so on.

Column consumption – this column shows the average consumption of video cards during mining, as the profitability of algorithms changes, and many change them. And in order to more correctly calculate the general oriented consumption, and in the future to calculate the correct profit, we took the average value of consumption. The formula is simple, for each algorithm, they took the average consumption, added them, and divided by the number of algorithms, and received the average consumption of the video card.

Price – here too, prices often change, in different stores are different. We took prices from three stores, 2 large chain stores, which are in every city. And the last store, also network but there is only in large cities. And we calculated the average cost of a video card. An explanation of the effect of the rate on prices, and the correctness of the deduction will be under the table of profitable video cards.

The following tables will help you in the matter of how to choose a video card for mining, the main thing is to read all the comments and all the text next to them, which would be more understandable, since the choice is serious. Almost all tables will be able to answer the most popular question about how much a video card earns on mining at the moment, everything is visible, everything is clear, there are all formulas.

Next there will be 4 main tables:

  1. Video cards with top-end profitability, that is, which bring the most money, not counting consumption, and we do not take into account the payback. Simply put, powerful graphics cards for mining.
  2. Video cards with better profitability, provided there is a free outlet. Simply put, which cards will pay off faster with a free outlet.
  3. Which mining cards are the most profitable, taking into account a paid outlet, but without payback.
  4. Graphics cards with better profitability at a paid outlet. Simply put, which cards will pay off faster with a paid outlet.
    There will also be two additional tables, with cheap graphics cards for mining (top), a table with the best hash of the ether.

Attention! To compile the table, we used a mining calculator for video cards from whattomine, nicehash, crypto-coinz. At the time of the deduction, we froze the complexity, mining difficulty was approximately on 07/30/2019. Sample cryptocurrency courses in the picture below.

07/30/2019. Sample cryptocurrency courses in the picture

Let’s start with video cards with top-end profitability, excluding payback and sockets.

The Most Powerful Mining Graphics Cards

A placeVideo cardAverage income *
1RTX 2080 ti$ 1.22
2Radeon VII$ 1.09
3RTX 2080$ 1.02
4GTX 1080 ti0.91 $
52070 super0.90 $
6RTX 20700.79 $
7Vega 640.74 $
8GTX 10800.73 $
92060 super0.72 $
10Vega 560.69 $
11RTX 20600.66 $
12GTX 1070 ti0.64 $
13GTX 10700.59 $
14GTX 1660 ti0.52 $
15GTX 16600.49 $
16Rx 5900.48 $
17RX 580 8g0.42 $
18GTX 1060 6g0.38 $
19RX 570 8g0.37 $
20GTX 16500.27 $
21GTX 1050 Ti0.19 $

*Attention! In the table of profitability of mining video cards, the average value per day is used. That is, in fact, the card brings more money with the algorithm defined by the top one for it. We used averages from several algorithms. The formula was simple taken by the top algorithms (which are in the first tables), calculated the total income, and divided by the number of algorithms.

As we see, the video card from nvidia rtx 2080 ti is in the top, which was to be expected. For one card, the profitability of video cards in mining is currently normal, of course, far from hype time.

geforce rtx 2080 ti

The following is a table of cards for mining with the fastest payback, excluding electricity.

The most paid video cards in mining, excluding electricity (sockets)

A placeVideo cardAverage incomePrice, rub.Payback days *
1RX 570 8g24.05₽11.300469.8
2RX 580 8g27.3₽13.500494.5
3GTX 166031.85₽16,000502.3
4Rx 59031.2₽17,000544.8
5GTX 1660 ti33.8₽19.300571
6RTX 206042.9₽24.500571.1
7Vega 5644.85₽27,000604
8GTX 1060 6g24.7₽15.200615
9GTX 165017.55₽11.500655
10RTX 207051.35₽35,000681.5
112070 super58.5₽40,000283.7
12Vega 6448.1₽33,000686
13GTX 1070 ti41.6₽29.000697.7
14GTX 108047.45₽34.000716
152060 super46.8₽34.000726.4
16GTX 107038.35₽28.500743.1
17RTX 208066.3₽51.500776.7
18Radeon 770.85₽59.000832
19GTX 1050 Ti12.35₽10.200825
20RTX 2080 ti79.35₽80,0001008
21GTX 1080 ti59.15₽64.5001090

*Attention! In the column “Payback days”, the values ​​for the average income per day , as it is calculated, I wrote above. That is, in fact, the payback will be faster if you mine top-end algorithms. We converted the average income into rubles, at the rate of $ 1 = $ 65 . The formula is simple, we divided the price of a video card by income per day, and the payback was in days.

Which graphics card to choose for mining in 2019 with free light? Here in the top was the video card from AMD, RX 570 8g, which was to be expected, since the price of them fell significantly.

RX 570 8g

The best cards for mining

Of the main ones, there were 2 tables of maps for mining . Both of them on condition of a paid outlet, here we calculated the average income differently, so as not to frighten us with a greater payback. We took the five most profitable algorithms, and the average income at a paid outlet was considered so, 5 algorithms, added up the income and divided by the number, that is, five.

Unfortunately, we excluded the GTX 1650 card , since we do not have the correct data on the consumption of each of the algorithms.


Mining on the nvidia graphics card – MTP, Beam, Cuckaroo29, X16r, Eth.

Mining on the amd video card – ETH, XMR, CryptoNightFastV2, Lyra2Rev3, CryptoNightHaven.

Attention! In calculating the tables, the price per kilowatt is $ 0.06 .

Let’s start with the table of mining video cards, which are the most profitable with a paid outlet, but without payback.

The most profitable cards with paid electricity, excluding payback.

A placeVideo cardAverage profit *
1RTX 2080 ti$ 0.95
2Radeon 70.86 $
3RTX 20800.79 $
42070 super0.69 $
5GTX 1080 ti0.63 $
6RTX 20700.6 $
7GTX 10800.56 $
82060 super0.54 $
9GTX 1660 ti0.49 $
10RTX 20600.48 $
11GTX 1070 ti0.46 $
12Vega 640.462 $
13GTX 10700.421 $
14Vega 560.39 $
15GTX 16600.38 $
16GTX 1060 6g0.258 $
17RX 580 8g0.252 $
18RX 570 8g0.19 $
19Rx 5900.16 $
20GTX 1550 ti0.13 $

*Attention! Average profit – here the average profit per day is calculated from 5 top algorithms, I wrote in more detail above the table. In fact, the profit may be greater if you choose a top-end algorithm. The same formula and algorithms information above.

And the second time in the top was a video card for mining nvidia rtx 2080 ti, and for good reason, with such a higher cost.

Well, the last main table is probably the most interesting. The conditions are the same as in the table above, only payback has been added. For a long time we tormented the mining profitability calculator on video cards, and the result is lower.

The most profitable payback video cards, with paid electricity (in rubles).

A placeVideo cardAverage profit *Price, rubPayback days *
1GTX 1660 ti31.85₽19.300605.9
2GTX 166024.7₽16,000647.77
3RTX 206034.2₽24.500785.2
4RX 580 8g16.38₽13.500824.1
52070 super44.85₽40,000891.8
6RTX 207039₽35,000897.4
7GTX 1060 6g$ 16.7715.200906.3
8RX 570 8g12.35₽11.300914.9
9GTX 108036.4₽34.000934
102060 super35.1₽34.000968.6
11GTX 1070 ti29.9₽29.000969.8
12RTX 208051.35₽51.5001002.9
13GTX 107027.36₽28.5001041.4
14Radeon VII55.9₽59.0001055.4
15Vega 5625.35₽27,0001065
16Vega 6427.43₽33,0001203
17GTX 1050 Ti8.45₽10.2001207.1
18RTX 2080 ti61.95₽80,0001291.3
19GTX 1080 ti40.95₽64.5001575
20Rx 59010.4₽17,0001634.6

*Attention! About the average profit, I wrote above in detail how it was calculated, the only thing I converted to rubles at the rate of $ 1 = 65 rubles . Electricity was considered at a cost of $ 0.06 per kilowatt .

Payback days * – here the formula is simple, divide the price of the video card by the average profit. In fact, the payback can be faster, in the table the average profit with 5 profitable algorithms. If you mine the top one algorithm, the payback will be faster.

The best graphics cards for mining 2020, tables, profitability

Which cards are better for mining in this segment? I myself was a little surprised by the results of the last table. In the top were GTX 1660 ti and 1660, although weak, but quickly pay off. That’s all the video cards we built with mining profitability.

We made the main tables, here is an example, in these tables the best cards for mining 2019. As we can see, and as many have said, the RX 590 is not very attractive for mining, you should not look at it.

Before the result, and our personal opinion, as many requested, a couple more additional tables.

Mining on weak graphics cards or cheap graphics cards for mining

A table for those with a small budget.

A placeVideo cardPrice, rub.
1GTX 166016,000
2GTX 1660 ti19.300
3Rx 58013.500
4Rx 57011.300

Details in the table did not describe why so, all the data is in the tables above.

And the last table

Mining ether on the top video card

A placeVideo cardHashrate
1Radeon VII85 mh / s
2RTX 2080 ti53 mh / s
31080 ti50 mh / s
4RTX 208041 mh / s
5Vega 6440 mh / s
62070 super40 mh / s
7RTX 207038 mh / s

Then I also took the data from the tables, and put them here for your convenience.

Summary and comment from us

To begin with, I want to clarify again, there are no exact deductions. These tables are for a rough overview. It all depends on many factors, all the details should be read at the beginning of the article and the tables, so that everything would be clear. Which video card is best for mining is up to you.

As you noticed, mining on the nvidia graphics card is slightly behind AMD graphics cards. For this, NVIDIA has a much greater variety of profitable top-end algorithms, which is good for the future, AMD has less choice. But do not forget, for some top-end algorithms, such as MTP and GRIN, more RAM is required, and this is an additional cost. Although the top AMDs have more requirements for blocks.

How much the video card earns on mining can be seen in the tables, but do not forget, there are average values, which I think is right, for calculating in the long term. And also do not confuse, the income of video cards for mining is not taking into account light and so on, but the profit is the net money that you get. Many confuse this. Everywhere we used overclocking the video card for mining, and it was optimal.

I advise you to read:

The best mining exchanges

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Choosing a graphics card for mining

The calculation of mining on video cards is made, the choice is yours. Many ask what I choose. I am inclined to RTX 2070, 2080 for me this is the golden mean, although not the top. I’m used to taking cards with a future perspective, and taking too weak to take does not see the point. But everyone thinks in his own way. I also want to note that if there is a pump of altcoins, then the payback will decrease at times, as income will grow, and we are all waiting for this. But when this happens, the prices for video cards will rise, but for now they are at normal prices. Although the payback is not attractive. So decide for yourself, take it in advance or wait, but who does not risk that … But this is a different story, have questions? Write in the comments, all up to new articles.

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